“The Quiet Fire” a Dystopian Thriller by Christopher McGuinness

I recently wrote a feature length screenplay called The Quiet Fire and here’s a couple quotes from Final Draft Big Break contest.

“The Quiet Fire” brings forth an absolutely captivating and unique dystopic drama thriller that oozes with the vibe and aesthetic of something like “Mandy” and “Green Room”, but brings something still very fresh to the table with the story world…” – Final Draft Big Break

“The action is so visceral that you can vividly imagine it” – Final Draft Big Break

Our team was super excited to read those good vibes and we are working to make some enhancements to the script and get our pitch deck ready.

It’s a dystopian thriller, because I enjoy dystopian thrillers.

Log Line:

As toxic coal mine fires burn deep under a dystopian nation, the lives of a girl and a young woman become intertwined when a brutal militant group arrives and forces the girls down a deadly path.

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Thank you kindly and Positive Vibes!

Christopher McGuinness

You can find us on Instagram @thequietfiremovie


We teamed up with Los Angeles Storyboard Artist Anthony Sturmas at www.asturmas.com and you can see some of his work in the page above!

Positive Vibes and Stay Tuned!

Christopher McGuinness is a writer director producer @ PulseCinema a company based in Maryland, but working throughout the USA.

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You can also find Christopher on YouTube where his film The Undeparted is approaching 1.7 million views with nearly 20k Subs.


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