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Coffee is wonderful, Atari 2600 and Mario Kart are still fun, exploring nature can be magical, an occasional Moscow Mule helps with perspective, and sugar is everyone’s thing! Share any of these things with the right people and there even better…

I grew up in the 80s and what an amazing decade to grown up in Silicon Valley. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from UMBC in Maryland with a degree in Visual Arts: Film Emphasis. It was a wonderful experience for me as it was not designed as technical school, rather our courses made us ask questions about why we make choices and what is the mean behind those choices. It was perfect.

I’m a writer director producer with a cinematography and editing background.

My wife and I spent 4 years in Los Angeles, where I worked as an editor on indy films. It was a fun time and Ventura Blvd was packed with great restaurants and things to do.

These days I’m a father and it’s been an amazing experience so far… I’m also a writer director producer for TV commercials and  films.

I believe life is about being a good person, finding passions, pursuing dreams and connecting with others.

This site is my work, but it’s really a team of wonderful people who leave their fingerprints on our work. I put our work out for the world to see, because I want to hear from you and work on cool projects. I like to create work that is honest, emotional and comes from a genuine place.

I hope you love our work and reach out to say hello.

Positive Vibes,



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